• Recently had the opportunity to spice up these Nike Pro Jerseys for Aletheia. They turned out really rad with the two color split front and two color back. #getsomecolorson #gopressbox #baseball
  • Custom design, print and build signs for Manning’s Feed & Seed. We like getting our hands dirty and using tools for creative projects like this!
  • Colt is killing it over @pensacolahouseofbarbers and I had fun designing these rad cards for him with suede lamination and spot uv.
  • One color, high contrast long sleeve tees for Saltmarsh, Cleveland & Gund. Congratulations on 75 years.
  • Been a while since we posted, but so hard to imagine we fit in that previous building. Here’s some pics from moving to downtown and we’re still getting settled into the new spaces. Stay tuned for more makeover posts! #getsomecolorson #screenprinting #poweringtheprint #pensacola
  • Making progress on the shop transfer, all boxed up and ready to clear out and take down the counter and press. #getsomecolorson #screenprinting #poweringtheprint #movingonup
  • We're moving, so rad! This little cottage has treated us well, but we've outgrown its cozy space! Stay tuned for more details and watch our Instagram for more! #getsomecolorson #screenprinting #poweringtheprint #toyota #movingonup
  • Last order before Christmas done and delivered for our rad friends at Manning's Feed & Seed. Two color waterbased print using @greengalaxyco Fusion inks from @ryonet on Comfort Colors Ladies Long Sleeve Tees. More in-house branding and designs coming in 2018! #getsomecolorson #screenprinting #poweringtheprint #ryonet #greengalaxy
  • So rad! Water based white discharge with CMY halftones using water based @greengalaxyco AF4 from @ryonet #getsomecolorson #screenprinting #waterbasedprinting #poweringtheprint #greengalaxy
  • It's hoodie season and these were fun to design and print for the Lions! 🦁White and red print on Navy is classic! #getsomecolorson #screenprinting #inhousedesign #branding #poweringtheprint #gildan
  • Water based Pitch Black from @greengalaxyco and @ryonet making this simple print look great. We used a subtle wood grain design in this flag for a local custom wood works company! #getsomecolorson #poweringtheprint #screenprinting #waterbasedprinting #woodworking
  • 4 color print using white discharge and CMY water based inks. #getsomecolorson #greengalaxy #poweringtheprint #ryonet #screenprinting


Let our design team create the art for you or send us press ready files for your print job.


We screen print t-shirts, custom apparel and a ton of other promotional products.


Worry free process from beginning to end. We deliver locally or ship to far away places.

PressBox has the creative skills and knowledge to take promotion for you and your business to the next level. T-shirts are only the beginning, we’ve got you covered for all your promotional product needs.

On Target: We have great aim, but no body is perfect. If we miss the mark, we’ll make it right. We want you to be completely satisfied with the products we produce, because we want you and your business to look your absolute best.

Eco-Friendly: We operate our business with eco-friendly practices. We use biodegradable product for cleaning and working with our prints. We’re also excited to be able to offer eco-friendly apparel and promotional products.

Game On: Our right brains are ready to take on the creative challenge in a head to head battle against the boring t-shirt and promotional products. We wield an incredible arsenal of tools to create prints you’ll be proud to wear, share, or display!

Inks: You can’t do any printing without ink, and we love to get our hands dirty! Water based, plastisol, discharge, what’s the difference? If you know what you want, we’ve got you covered. If you aren’t sure what type of print you’d like, we’re glad to help with ink selection.

Fair Trade: We don’t like getting ripped off or taken advantage of, so we support Fair Trade businesses and product manufacturers. We check before we invest in any blank apparel to make sure it was made with fair wage labor and practices.